Why you should volunteer

Volunteering can come in all shapes and sizes and there’s often a role to suit everyone and their own interests.

There are some misconceptions about volunteering and what it means, but it’s flexible and can provide you with plenty of benefits, such as learning new skills, making new friends, becoming more employable and much more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have become good neighbours in their community and micro volunteered, which is giving up a small amount of time – often without leaving your own home – to make a big difference.

CWVA’s volunteering campaign helps showcase the range of opportunities across west Cheshire and bust myths about volunteering, highlighting there’s something for everyone in their community.

The three key themes for CWVA’s volunteering campaign in 2021 are climate, mental health and poverty as these are important subjects a lot of people in west Cheshire can relate to.

TeamKinetic, CWVA’s volunteering platform, provides an opportunity for people to browse the latest opportunities and the search function makes it easy for you to find something you’re interested in.

Visit CWVA’s volunteering platform

If you have a positive volunteering story to share, please email: ryan.gould@chesterva.org.uk.

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