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Action Tutoring volunteers like Nichola are giving up their time to help young people overcome any barriers they face with their studies and prosper in life.

The charity supports pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds across the UK to achieve academically, helping them to progress in education, employment or training.

Nichola is one of Action Tutoring’s generous volunteers offering their free time, meeting online with pupils in Year 5 and 6 twice a week.

After joining the team at Action Tutoring in November 2020, Nichola currently works with two different schools and this is complementing the degree she’s studying for at the Open University.

Nichola said: “I’ve been helping pupils with their English and getting them to where they need to be for their SATs exams.

“We have a session template for each week and online tools to help us deliver the sessions.

“I love volunteering with Action Tutoring and I’ve had some really good pupils.

“Before COVID-19, I was volunteering in the classroom and then only essential personnel were allowed so this has been another fantastic way for me to gain experience.

“It’s really rewarding as you can see what the pupils get out of it.

“When we’ve taken breaks over Christmas and other holiday periods, they’ve been asking when’s the next time they’re going to see me, but I’ve been amazed how much they’ve retained.

“Having school all day and then tutoring can be tiring, but they want to be there to learn and I love doing it.”

Nichola has also been encouraging others to get involved and make a real difference to the lives of young people.

She added: “I’ve already been getting the word out there and mentioning it to other students as it’s great experience.

“With it all being done online, it makes it flexible for people and the training you receive is very good.

“We’re now part of a programme set up by the Government to support pupils and it’d be great to see more volunteers sign up so we can help more young people.

“Seeing the journey people have been on and the progress they’ve made is worth it.”

Action Tutoring is currently advertising its volunteering opportunities on Cheshire West Voluntary Action’s (CWVA) volunteering platform.

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