Sector Leadership Group

The Sector Leadership Group (SLG), which is coordinated by Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA), meets once a month and includes senior members from organisations across the community sector.

Not only does the SLG act as a point of contact for key partners, such as the NHS, Council and others, but it also aims to champion the sector and raise its profile by attending a number of different groups and boards in west Cheshire.

We send out monthly ebulletins specifically about the SLG to complement our main weekly ebulletins, which include news from around the sector, information about the latest funding, training and development opportunities and much more. You can sign up to the ebulletin at the bottom of this page so you can receive regular updates and provide feedback to SLG members representing the sector on various groups and boards.

If you’d like to get involved with the SLG, share agenda items for future meetings or pass on any information you feel needs to be communicated, please email:

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