Local Voices Framework

- Supporting coproduction in west Cheshire

Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA), working with the University of Chester, has developed a Local Voices Framework (LVF) to support coproduction in west Cheshire.

Many organisations coproduce services and support they provide, but they often take different approaches or use different guides to help them with this work.

The University of Chester carried out research, including a literature review, workshops, one-to-one interviews and surveys, to develop a set of principles and definition for coproduction as part of the LVF.

The aim of the LVF is to guide all people and organisations across west Cheshire so we have a consistent approach to coproduction.

We also don’t want the LVF to be restrictive so we’ll continue developing it over time and encourage people and organisations to adapt it as they need for their individual projects.

The Local Voices Framework’s definition of coproduction

  • Coproduction is the building of respectful and empowering relationships alongside the sharing of ideas between those with lived experience and other stakeholders. Both contribute their knowledge, skills and experiences to cocreate actionable change. Coproduction is a challenging process that requires reflection and dedication to ongoing collective learning.

The Local Voices Framework’s principles for coproduction

  • Embed coproduction – it should be embedded from the beginning to the end of the project when possible.
  • Plan appropriate infrastructure and support – coproduction needs to be rooted in the structure of organisations.
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion – coproduction should be an accessible opportunity, where difference between people is valued and respected, and practices are inclusive.
  • Build empowering and equal relationships – coproduction should be underpinned by trusting, respectful, and empowering relationships.
  • Foster open and transparent communication – coproduction should be based on honesty and transparency.
  • Provide ongoing support – support should be made available for those with lived experience and other stakeholders who are involved with coproduction.
  • Learn, reflect, adapt with partners – coproduction should be an ongoing and collaborative learning process.
  • Share a vision of meaningful change – coproduction should be recognised as a social movement.

Alongside the LVF, we want to create a network of people and organisations so we can continue discussing coproduction, sharing best practice and encouraging people to be part of the coproduction process.

All people and organisations are welcome to get involved with the LVF and help make sure coproduction is at the heart of services available in west Cheshire.

The initial work around the Local Voices Framework was funded by Cheshire West Place.

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