Food infrastructure

One of the best ways to solve hardship and poverty is by providing opportunities for people to have healthy and stable incomes. If you get this right, charities and groups can then focus on empowering communities and bringing people together to share skills, knowledge and connections, helping generate further opportunities for all members of the community.

At CWVA, we’ve brought food infrastructure into our wider offer for members in the community sector.

Single point of contact for the food agenda

  • We’ll provide a bird’s eye view of all things food
  • We’ll lead on a Food Strategy for west Cheshire
  • We’ll front the West Cheshire Food Partnership
  • We’ll represent our members on a range of partnership boards and meetings
  • We’ll support our members providing, growing and eating food
  • We’ll make connections and find opportunities for working in partnership across the community sector and other sectors
  • We’ll create opportunities for peer support and training around particular food-related subjects

Stephanie Ellis has joined CWVA as the Food Strategy Lead for Specialist Infrastructure, will be leading on a lot of this work and supporting our members. If you’d like to speak to Steph, please email:

Any organisations offering food support will be able to take advantage of the same offer from the wider team at CWVA, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in areas like funding, governance, training, volunteer management and much more.

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