External event: Managing risk in a moving landscape

Managing risk in a moving landscape (by UK Charity Insurance and The FSI)
Date: 20 October 2020
Time: 12:30 pm
Cost: Free

The most successful small charities are those that can be agile and responsive in today’s climate. You can’t underestimate the impact of effective management on a charity’s ability to survive these tough times. Though this often comes with fresh challenges and pitfalls, the risks of continuing your work or developing into new areas aren’t inherently bad. This is especially true if the risk is balanced with, or outweighed by, the reward. This webinar from UK Charity Insurance will empower charity managers, leaders, trustees and even volunteers to think about risk in a positive light and embed risk awareness across their organisation. Encouraging delegates to consider their own individual charities the session will explore risk assessment, risk appetite and how to effectively mitigate risks and protect your charity, your staff and your beneficiaries. The outcome for delegates should be a 360-degree understanding and appreciation of the link between risk management and a healthy charity during and post-COVID.

The session will cover such topics as:

• What are the roles & responsibilities of trustees in managing risk?
• COVID considerations
• The importance of appropriate internal systems and controls
• Attitude to risk – accept, mitigate, transfer
• A recent High Court ruling and its impact
• Safer activities, events and fundraising
• Cyber risks, joint ventures, entity defence …and much more.

For more details and how to book, go to https://www.thefsi.org/30-minutes-webinar





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