External Event: Employing Ex-Offenders in the VCSE Sector

Employing Ex-Offenders in the VCSE Sector – Wednesday 19 May 2021 4pm – 5pm

As we exit the pandemic all reports suggest that the employment rate will improve. Whether this is a gradual improvement or a sudden spike remains to be seen. However, it is recognised that it will be some time before employment gets back to where it was in pre-pandemic days. This will affect many households and some who already have difficulties in accessing employment.

One such group is those who have served a custodial sentence. Without a job, the risk of reoffending is higher than would otherwise be the case. This hour long seminar, organised by VSNW, will hear from businesses who have a positive process to recruit from prison and also from a community development worker who works full time with ex-offenders with the aim of gaining them employment.

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4pm - 5pm

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