The Flexible Future of Your Workforce – HR Training

Title: The Flexible Future of Your Workforce – HR Training
Date: 20th August 2020
Time: 10am – 11.30am
Cost: Free
Facilitator: Paul Dickinson, EM Potential

A FREE online session about HR & supporting your employees for Community & Voluntary Third Sector organisations in west Cheshire.

How to support people returning to work after lockdown and learn from those who have worked from home throughout.

How can employers cater for these different needs and concerns?

· Flexible Furlough Scheme – how does it work?

· Considerations: reducing people costs, including redundancy alternatives.

· Managing performance & expectations in the new normal – performance management, contracts, working time, data protection.

· Employee benefits – tax free homeworking allowances.

· Flexible leave options – parental leave, furlough, unpaid leave, buying additional holiday days.

· Re-induction – Some people will have not performed work for several months if they have been furloughed.

· Mini appraisals – Career and personal development plans may have been placed on hold during lockdown.

· Supporting work / life balance – For those people who are continuing to work from home a thinning of work/life boundaries may be contributing to high stress. Are there measures that can be taken with work patterns and organisation to support people?

Booking: Please contact john.buchanan@chesterva.org.uk






Beat the Hackers Webinar – Cyber Security for the Voluntary Sector

Title: Beat the Hackers Webinar – Cyber Security for the Voluntary Sector
Date: 13th August, 10am – 11.30am
Cost: Free
Facilitator: David Lenagh, Re-Alitek

What is cyber security?
Why should I care as a charity?
How does a cyber attack work? A step by step overview.
2020 – Current and emerging threats
Malware – What you need to know and how to defend against it
Social engineering attacks (Scams, phishing and other dastardly acts)
Data breach (accidental and deliberate), recognising the threats inside your organisation.
Working on the move and from home.

To book, please email: joanne.walton@chesterva.org.uk






NPC: Building resilience through and beyond the Covid-19 crisis

NPC: Building resilience through and beyond the Covid-19 crisis

4 August 2020, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Charity trustees have acted quickly to refocus efforts and activities as the world responds to Covid-19. But as this crisis drags on, and a major economic downturn becomes more imminent, trustees are switching their focus to how they deliver their mission over the medium and longer term.

This seminar—run in partnership with the Clothworker’s Company—explores what trustees are and should be doing now that the initial shock has passed. It will cover issues, such as:

How Covid-19 is affecting the people and communities charities work with and what new needs are emerging from the fallout.
What trustees can do to ensure their charity’s mission remain relevant to changing need, and how they can help their organisations become more resilient to the new threats posed by the outbreak.
What actions trustees can take now to help shape the post-Covid world.

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