Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) and our members have played a key role launching the new Compact for west Cheshire, an agreement for the community and public sectors to work collaboratively for the benefit of local communities.

While the Compact has been around for a while, it has been relaunched as our communities and the services being delivered in them have evolved over the time.

This new agreement will:

  • build on relationships between all organisations in the community and public sectors so everyone benefits
  • lead to improved partnership working
  • create sustainable, quality services for all communities
  • recognise the importance of community sector organisations through the services they deliver, value to the economy, positive impact on wellbeing and quality of life and promotion of volunteering and citizenship.

An area has been created on the Live Well Cheshire West website for the Compact, highlighting the key principles and outcomes.

Visit the Live Well website

It’s important as many organisations as possible in the community sector sign up to the Compact and pledge to work collaboratively with the public sector for the benefit of people in our local communities.

Sign up to the Compact

If you have any positive stories you’d like to share about the difference strong partnerships with the public sector have made to your organisation and the people you support, please email:  

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