Recognising new groups formed during the pandemic

The Dodleston and District COVID-19 Leaders Group has been named New Volunteer-Led Group of the Year as part of Volunteer Awards Month.

December is Volunteer Awards Month to round off the Year of Volunteering campaign, which is run jointly by Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) and Cheshire West and Chester Council to celebrate all the fantastic work volunteers do in their communities.

After Dodleston and District Parish Council put out a call for volunteer towards the start of the pandemic, 20 different residential-based groups were created with a lead person for each.       

Leaders helped share important information and advice with their different groups, setting up WhatsApp chats and knocking on doors to check how people were doing. Not only did they help vulnerable people get the support they needed during challenging times, but they also organised Victory in Europe (VE) Day celebrations and claps for carers locally.

Mike Maughan, Chair of Dodleston and District Parish Council, said: “The groups have brought the whole parish together in an amazing way and are still going strong.

“Many neighbours met each other, creating further support networks. We shared the network model with the Council and it was introduced elsewhere using our footprint.

“If it wasn’t for the groups, we wouldn’t have managed to keep our community as safe as we did.

“They were 20 excellent volunteers who worked selflessly to protect their residents. We are so proud of them.”

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