Providing valuable input as trustees

Members of the Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) team give up their spare time to offer their expertise as trustees and help local charities.

As part of CWVA’s Year of Volunteering campaign, which is being run jointly with Cheshire West and Chester Council, November is Business Volunteering and Trustee Month, celebrating all the great work trustees do.

Trustees play a key role in their communities through the charities and community groups they support, making important decisions in line with the organisation’s mission and vision.

Joanne Stanton, Development Officer at CWVA, joined the Board at Cheshire West Voluntary Arts Network earlier in 2020, helping the charity plan its two main events of the year, showcasing the Network’s members and acting as a point of contact at CWVA for any groups needing development support.

She said: “I love getting to know the voluntary arts scene in west Cheshire. There are so many creative groups and projects out there.

“Being a Trustee gives you leadership skills that could help you progress in your career. It also gives you a lot of satisfaction helping an organisation through your skills and time.”

Clare Harrison, Deputy Chief Executive of CWVA, started supporting the Marjory Boddy Charitable Trust a couple of months back and was previously on the Board at Fallen Angels Dance Theatre.

She said: “I applied for the role with the Trust as it was looking for someone who had knowledge of the local community sector and distributing grants.

“Having worked at CWVA for many years and even longer in the sector, I felt my knowledge and skills were readily transferrable. My understanding of the sector is integral to the strategic direction of the Trust and complements the skills of other trustees, making sure the organisation is well governed.

“Knowing the grants distributed are making a difference to the lives of many people in west Cheshire is a really important thing for me.

“Being a Trustee is a great way to move away from operational activities and play a part in how a charity is managed and run.

“Being on the flip side is an opportunity to experience how challenging the Trustee role can be and it has certainly given me a greater insight, understanding and appreciation for all the trustees of CWVA do.”

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