Helping charities adapt during COVID-19

Cheshire West Voluntary Action’s (CWVA) SkillShare project has matched Innovent Recycling with charities so it can help them access the technology needed to work from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Ellesmere Port-based Innovent Recycling is a computer recycling company, collecting redundant IT equipment from across the country to be refurbished ready for a second life.

With charities having to adapt during the pandemic and many staff now working from home, SkillShare has put Innovent Recycling in touch with five different charities over the last couple of months.

Ryan Higginson, Director of Innovent Recycling, said: “We’ve worked with some charities previously on an ad-hock basis, but we’ve been speaking with Joanne Walton at CWVA to find out which charities need our support.

“Everybody we’ve helped so far has been very grateful for the IT kit we’ve passed on to them.

“Our recycling process exceeds legislation and we’ve made sure all the charities we’ve supported will be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant on their new technology.

“With the last charity we helped, we sent the kit to their home address so I hope it’ll make a big difference to them while they’re working from home.

“Whenever we receive a charity request, we all enjoy chipping in and getting the kit ready for them. It’s quite rewarding knowing you’ll be doing your bit to help the community.

“COVID-19 has brought the best out of human spirit. It’s a bit of silver lining to what’s been a horrible situation for a lot of people.”

Joanne Walton, Business and Charity Connector of CWVA, added: “Our SkillShare project makes a big difference to our members.

“It’s a fantastic way for business to support their local community, particularly during the current challenges brought by COVID-19.

“All our members who have received support from Innovent Recycling really appreciate it as it’s helped them adapt to the situation.”

If you would like to get involved with CWVA’s SkillShare project and support a local charity, please email: No matter your area of expertise, you can make a big difference.

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